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Individual Therapy

Our goal is to support each client in making meaningful life decisions through a greater understanding of self-compassion, which is an awareness that as we navigate the uncertainties of life, we all create ways to cope. Sometimes the ways in which we’ve taught ourselves to overcome obstacles can hinder us, but changing becomes possible when we understand how we protect ourselves. We can then explore new avenues to engage in life and find greater satisfaction.
When teens act in ways that are different from their norm, it’s likely that they are struggling to cope with difficult, new, or changing situations and emotions. Our goal is to increase each teen’s insight and understanding of themselves, and of the ways in which they can be successful in dealing with their given circumstances. We do this by giving each teen the respect of their reality, opening lines of communication that will allow them to feel heard, and by introducing new perspectives for them to consider. Because adolescents have a much better likelihood for positive outcomes when they are getting the emotional support they need, we often work to teach parents what is required for their child to feel this support.
In helping a child to open up and work through issues, it is important for them to feel cared for and supported. With this in mind, we strive to create a safe place for each child to come and share their concerns. And because working with the family is often an important part of treatment for the child, we work to help the family build this same environment of care and support in their home.

Family Therapy

Though two individuals come to couple therapy, we focus on your relationship as our client. We believe that couples form a closer connection to each other as the relationship is strengthened by making sure each partner feels secure and loved. In relationships it is common to feel “stuck” when we start to experience recurring negative cycles. Our goal is to help couples understand the cycles that are having detrimental effects, and change them. When exploring these cycles we work to create new, more positive patterns that can bring more enjoyment to the relationship, and will allow each partner to feel loved and respected.

Sessions that include the family are often part of the treatment plan for helping individual clients including children, teens, and adults. Our goal is to help create cohesion within the family and to help build a strong and supportive family unit. This is done by ensuring that each member feels included, respected, and loved by other members of their family.

Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) involves activities for the entire family or certain family members such as a parent and child. After an initial consultation session, a treatment plan will be designed utilizing activities ranging from therapeutic games to outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking or paddle sports. ABC builds trust and cooperation between family members while improving skills in communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making.

This activity is not covered by insurance.

If interested, please contact Jerry Myles:


Group Therapy

The unique dynamic of group therapy often evokes positive feelings and thoughts in our clients. Hope is instilled when an individual can witness other members further along in treatment, and feeling better. Becoming part of a greater whole creates cohesion and a sense of belonging, especially when one realizes they are not alone in the difficulties they face. A boost in confidence and self-esteem often comes as result of helping other members, and allowing them to help you.

Beginning in May 2019, Southeast Child & Family Guidance along with Environmental Expeditions is offering a 4-week group in Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) for high school-aged boys.  ABC is a group counseling program which uses experiential learning with engaging group activities that help participants develop positive social behaviors, achieve personal growth and improve interpersonal skills to better manage everyday challenges of being a teenager. Processing and debriefing activities are designed to assist participants in creating meaning they can then apply to events in their lives.

This ABC group will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Southeast Child and Family Guidance in Waxhaw. Most insurances will cover. Group size is limited to 12 participants.

Upon completion of the initial four sessions, participants will be able to join us in additional therapeutic adventure activities through Environmental Expeditions.

For information on these activities visit or contact Jerry Myles at

Understanding and embracing who you are through the use of art, writing and mindfulness. The objective of this eight-session class module focuses on decreasing negative self-perceptions and replacing them with a stronger, positive sense of self. The combination of the creative arts therapies with mindfulness will enhance the way you see yourself and the world around you. No art skills required. All materials are included.

If interested, please contact Rhonda Hauge:


Starting in April 2019, Southeast Child & Family Guidance is offering Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – an 8-week group for high-school-age girls that helps regulate emotions and learn skills to manage emotions and behaviors better in a safe and supportive environment so they can better manage everyday challenges of being a teenager. This psychoeducational-style approach seeks to improve decision-making, to develop coping resources, manage stress, improve interpersonal skills and increase self-esteem. The process also allows for the young women to connect with and support others. Group members can relate to each other’s experiences and offer each other guidance.

The group will meet on Monday evenings from 6 to 7:15 p.m. at Southeast Child & Family Guidance in Waxhaw. Most insurances will cover. This group is limited to 10 participants.

For more information, contact Kristin Fisher at

Mindfulness is being more attentive and aware of the present moment, which is a simple task, but can be difficult to attain and sustain. Research continues to show that being more mindful promotes physical and mental well-being.
This eight-week group offers a safe and supportive learning environment to cultivate mindfulness skills. The art and science of mindfulness is highlighted by learning the history and biological affects while practicing the skill through breathing, the five senses and guided imagery. By sharing successes and challenges, group members foster ongoing motivation and the sense of acceptance and belonging. Some of the benefits are a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression and an improvement in attention, clarity and physical health.
This group will meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Maximum of 8 members.
If interested, please contact Kathleen Bready: